Victoria’s new coronavirus rules explained

Victoria has been on a COVID numbers rollercoaster — and the restrictions designed to suppress the virus have been changing, too.Dates have been shifted, targets have been abandoned and various rules have been introduced, clarified, modified and dropped.Now, some more big changes are coming in on Monday.Freedom of movementThe limit on how far Melburnians can travel from their home will be extended to 25 kilometres.You can use our map to see what that means for you.The border between Melbourne and regional Victoria will remain in place.ExerciseFeel like running a marathon? Go for it.There will be no time limit on how long you can exercise for each day — as long as you remain within 25 kilometres from home or your permitted workplace. From 11:59pm, Melburnians will no longer be restricted to two hours of exercise each day.(ABC News: Darryl Torpy)You’ll be permitted to use more outdoor sport facilities, including tennis courts, skate parks and golf courses. But communal facilities such as toilets or clubrooms must remain closed.Outdoor pools can host 30 swimmers and indoor pools can open for one-on-one hydrotherapy sessions with a health professional.LIVE UPDATES: Read our blog for the latest news on the COVID-19 pandemic.SocialisingThere will be no time limit on how long you can socialise with family and friends outdoors, so an all-day sunbaking session or long picnic lunch in the park is allowed.But outdoor gatherings will still be limited to 10 people from a maximum of two households.Retail and hospitalityHairdressers can reopen.Real estate auctions can be held with a maximum of 10 people and commercial real estate inspections will recommence.Mobile pet grooming is allowed again.Solo and automated car washes can operate.Outdoor photography will be allowed.Home maintenance and tradesYou can book in a tradie to complete non-essential outdoor home maintenance including repairs, renovations, painting and solar panel installation, but with a maximum of five workers on site.Pool cleaners can also get back to work.People who have a property in regional Victoria that has been issued with a fire prevention notice from the local council, or is subject to flooding, can travel to regional Victoria to get their property ready for fire or flood.”The rules that apply in Melbourne will travel with you,” Mr Andrews said.”This is not an invitation to go and have a couple of days in regional Victoria and essentially move into regional Victoria without due reason.”The next stepsMr Andrews also announced Victorians wouldn’t have to wait too long for the next set of changes.From 11:59pm on November 1, some really big changes will take place.And if numbers continue to stay low, and mystery cases remain under control, the following changes could even be brought forward.”If we continue to follow the rules, if we enjoy these freedoms but do it in a COVID-safe way … then there is every chance that we are able to bring the November 1 deadline forward and take the next big step towards COVID normal some days ahead of the November 1,” Mr Andrews said.”There is some optimism, a confidence even, that if things continue this week as they have the last five days, we may be able to bring that forward.”The changes he forecast for November 1 include:Scrapping the four reasons to leave your home and allowing people to go out for any reasonAllowing two adults plus their children to visit your home each day. “Not a bubble, not an exclusive arrangement, but essentially one family, two adults and children, to your home, once-a-day. No more often than that,” Mr Andrews said.Reopening retailAllowing 20 people inside and 50 people outside at hospitality venuesReopening beauty servicesRestarting contact sport for juniors, and non-contact sport for adultsAllowing a maximum of 20 people at outdoor religious gatheringsAllowing weddings capped at 10 people, and funerals capped at 20Permitting outdoor seated entertainment to host up to 50 people, or 25 per cent of a venue’s fixed-seat capacityRestarting outdoor fitness classes of up to 10 peopleRead more about coronavirus:

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