Gladys Berejiklian under fire as she faces rowdy Question Time following Maguire scandal

Gladys Berejiklian faced an unsurprisingly boisterous and rowdy Question Time on Tuesday afternoon as she continues to stand her ground over the Daryl Maguire scandal.Key points:Labor has moved a motion of no confidence against NSW Premier Gladys BerejiklianMs Berejiklian faced a barrage of heckling and questioning as she faced Parliament for the first time since the scandal brokeThe Premier maintains she has done nothing wrong in connection to her relationship with Daryl MaguireThe embattled NSW Premier is standing firm over her assertion that she did nothing wrong following the revelations she was in a “close personal relationship” with disgraced former Wagga Wagga MP Daryl Maguire. “I want to state unequivocally that at all times, I’ve acted in accordance with the highest levels of accountability,” she told Parliament.Amid continuing calls for her to resign, Ms Berejiklian is maintaining her line that she did not neglect her obligations, despite her five-year relationship with Mr Maguire, who is currently the subject of a second ICAC inquiry into his business dealings.Mr Maguire has continuously been under scrutiny for his connection to property deals, including one that led to his resignation from Parliament in 2018.In State Parliament today, Opposition Leader Jodi McKay moved a motion of no confidence based on four points:She failed to report her knowledge of Mr Maguire’s business dealingsShe failed to report discussions she had with Mr Maguire, including his commissions on business She failed under the ICAC rules to report corrupt conductShe failed to “uphold any standard of propriety” across her government Jodi McKay took aim at Ms Berejiklian in Parliament on Tuesday.(AAP: Dan Himbrechts)Deputy Speaker Leslie Williams repeatedly pulled up Opposition members for interruptions and “unparliamentary conversation”.Ms Berejiklian faced taunts from Ms McKay that she was “delusional” and widespread calls of “woohoo” — a reference to a text message sent to Mr Maguire congratulating him on a property deal.”I want to state unequivocally that at all times, I’ve acted in accordance with the highest levels of accountability,” she said.Ms Berejiklian said she had been “full and frank” in her responses to all questions on the matter, since she revealed her relationship with Mr Maguire at the ICAC inquiry on Monday. “At all times, I have and always will put the public interest first,” she said. In response to Ms McKay’s questioning about why she did not fulfil her obligations to report wrongdoing, Ms Berejiklian said she believed all members of Parliament had experienced a betrayal of trust at some point.”I have been in this place 17 years, and I also know what it is like when you have colleagues you trust on either side of the house, you have colleagues you assume are doing the right thing on either side of the house.”I say to any person in this place, I bet there are times when you thought you could trust someone and you could not.” Former Wagga Wagga MP Daryl Maguire is at the centre of an ICAC investigation.(Supplied)Ms McKay responded: “You have turned a blind eye to corruption and failed to report what was legally required of you to ICAC. A leader sets the standard for her government. What standard are you setting for New South Wales?”Ms Berejiklian answered: “I reject the assertions in that question and say that at all times I put the people of this state first.”McKay hit back: “You have not, you put Daryl Maguire before the people of this state.” Mr Maguire is due to face the ICAC inquiry on Wednesday.

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