These Melbourne brothers want to cure your pandemic blues with a reimagined John Lennon classic

It’s the video Melbourne needs: two young brothers singing about their hope that their city will emerge from coronavirus lockdown and move back towards something like normal.Lucas Thang, 12, and Austin Thang, 8, recorded a version of John Lennon’s classic Imagine, with words rewritten to reflect their situation.With lines like, “Imagine there’s no corona, and we can see our friends, hug and shake hands again, and don’t need to sanitise,” the two boys have gone viral.The clip has been shared more than 1,000 times from the ABC Melbourne Facebook page.The duo hope people feeling stressed or unhappy in lockdown might get some enjoyment from their work.”I hope that people get to see it and make them happy, and maybe cheer them up a little bit,” Lucas said.”I hope that it will make them feel better during this lockdown,” added Austin.”I felt very proud of myself doing it because I never knew I could sing that good,” he said. Lucas and Austin hope their tune cheers up locked-down Melburnians, and people trying to cope with the pandemic elsewhere.(ABC News: Steven Schubert)The project came about after Lucas’s performing arts teacher, Lucy Lennox, asked students to rewrite lyrics to some of their favourite songs.”I think it’s lovely to hear about everything that’s going on from a kid’s perspective and how they’re coping,” she said.”To hear that they do just miss their friends and being in the classroom and learning together is really lovely.”The lockdown has been hard on the elder brother, and their mother Lida Lu, who is overseeing their home-schooling.”It’s [the video] been a bit of a pick-me-up for these two, they’ve had a tough term at home along with everyone else in Melbourne,” she said.Lucas said he missed his friends from school.But Austin said he liked being able to power through his lessons — as it left more time for video games.

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