Shoaib Akhtar under fire from fans for using Rahul Dravid’s achievements to take dig at Sachin Tendulkar

Pakistan’s controversial cricketer Shoaib Akhtar was once known for bowling thunderbolts at over 100 mph, but after retirement, he has taken to letting his mouth and social media do the dirty work for him.

Often known to instigate Indian and Pakistani cricket fans alike with his controversial statements, Akhtar is once again on the target of Indian fans, this time for trying to pit two India batting legends.

Rahul Dravid and Sachin Tendulkar are inarguably two of the best batsmen produced by India and for more than a decade, they occupied the no.3 and no.4 spot in India’s Test batting lineup. Together they added numerous century partnerships and won India many matches.

However, Akhtar tried to use Dravid and his achievements to pit him against Sachin Tendulkar, especially a day after Dravid celebrated his 48th birthday on January 11.  

Rahul Dravid or Sachin Tendulkar? – Shoaib Akhtar chooses between the two Indian legends

Akhtar shared a stat post by a cricketing website highlighting the achievements of Rahul Dravid and how he did everything for the Indian team like keeping wickets, opening the innings, blocking, and hitting when needed. Also, it showed how after retirement, Dravid is helping young Indian cricketers as a coach and as head of the NCA.

Shoaib shared the photo on his Twitter with a caption reading, “A few reasons i rate him higher than we all know who!”

A few reasons i rate him higher than we all know who!Photo courtesy @Cricketracker
— Shoaib Akhtar (@shoaib100mph) January 11, 2021

This caption was enough for fans on social media to give it back to Akhtar in form of their own jibes, as he tried to make it Dravid vs Tendulkar for no reason whatsoever. He was trolled massively for his statement by Indian fans.

Here are a few fan tweets:

That one needs to resolve to comparing Dravid to Tendulkar goes to show how a big player Sachin is. He destroyed you in the world cups & you cant handle it. For us Indians both Dravid & Sachin are two sides of the same coin & we dont compare them. They both are invaluable ????
— Prathamesh Barah (@Barahism) January 12, 2021

Seems 2003 WC SF still haunts u. The way Sachin badgered u & treated u like a gully bowler the match would never let u admire him for he will always be ur nemesis.
— अभिमन्यु सिंह (@__Abhimanyu_S) January 12, 2021


Dravid is great. Sachin is also great. Not just because of their on field exploits but also because off the field they’ve never written such filthy divisive stuff. India ke players par comment kar kar ke hee toh views milte hain YouTube par!
— nimnalikhittippani (@TipTopTippani) January 12, 2021

I remember your sentence “bhai wo ap logon ka bhagwan hoga mera nahi hai”????
— Khurram (@khurramyasir27) January 11, 2021

90’s me Sachin ek aise player rahe jinke upar puri Indian team ki batting line nirbhar karti rahi aur 99% matches unke batting par depend tha but jab Dravid aaye to unhe Sachin, Saurav, Sehwag, Laxman jaise great player ka suppt mila.
100 baat ki 1 baat Sachin jaisa koi nhi.
— HARSH (@Harshpr01180227) January 11, 2021

Wtf is this underdog mentality?
Dravid>Sachin just cz he was underrated,a nice guy is now helping U-19s.FFS accept the fact that Sachin is by far the best batsman India has ever produced.(I would say the best in the world)
— Sumit_slayss (@SR_9220) January 12, 2021

God will remain god . No doubt he is one of the best cricket has ever seen. But dont forget what God did. In 90s when u were a kid ur team use to say if we can out sachin we have won 50% of the match.
— Samit Chatterjee (@SamitCh35592351) January 12, 2021

कमाल करते हैं हमसे जलन रखने वाले,
महफ़िलें खुद की सजाते हैं और चर्चे हमारे करते हैं।????????????
— Sachin ???????? Fan Club (@CricTendulkar) January 12, 2021

Dravid said in one interview that I will tell my grandchildren that I shared dressing room with Sachin Tendulkar.
— Ali (@aliasgarmg) January 11, 2021

Yeah true. Dravid never hits it in the air ????
— Gee Tee (@Fire_and_Move) January 12, 2021


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