IPL 2020: Franchises not keen on letting go of experienced capped players during mid-season transfer window

The IPL 2020 saw its first round of matches end on Monday after Royal Challengers Bangalore thrashed Kolkata Knight Riders. Now all the teams have played seven matches each and this means the mid-season transfer time started for the franchises.

This year’s transfer window includes both capped and uncapped players unlike last season’s and this has made the idea pretty interesting. However, it has not been taken too warmly by the franchises and their management. They don’t wish to strengthen an opposition team by loaning a capped player when the tournament is still wide open and play-off places are far from decided.

“An interesting area for sure. But, the league is still wide open and who would want to give away an international player? Also, when you go into the auction, you do a lot of planning and that is why you see a player being picked. Unless there is a major injury worry or some calculation that has gone completely off track, I don’t see anyone loaning atop capped star even if he has not turned out for the parent team this season or has played less than two games as required by IPL rules for a mid-season transfer,” an official of a franchise which has won the league in the past told ANI.

Another franchise official said that in a competitive environment, you don’t wish to strengthen your opponent.

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“There is actually a lot of areas that need to be looked at. But primarily, why would I want to give away a star even if he is not fitting into my XI? This isn’t an exhibition series or tournament. This is hardcore competition and we are competing against seven other top-quality teams to win the tournament and take home the coveted trophy and be called the champions. You might see one or two capped players being exchanged at most, but not more than that,” the official pointed.

An official of another IPL winning franchise said that no team wants to part with an experienced batsman or bowler knowing that they have to still play seven matches more and the playoffs have not been confirmed yet.

“See, this isn’t football and this mid-season transfer will need a bit more time before you see active participation. With an auction at the start of the season to fine-tune your team, I don’t see franchises doing much during the mid-season transfer. Maybe a player here or there at the most. Don’t see major moves that make headlines happening. Also in a competition, why would anyone want to give us a capped batsman knowing it could change the complete texture of the tournament? It is not like there are two or three games to go and play-off places have been decided,” the official smiled.

The IPL GC in 2019 had introduced the concept of trading players mid-season but had made only uncapped players available last time.  

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