“Mumbai deserves it!” Twitter finds a Jofra Archer tweet for power shutdown in Mumbai

A trending event without a Jofra Archer tweet on it? Well, that’s not possible because the man has a tweet for literally everything. One can easily find a tweet related to every topic if they dig into his Twitter account.

On Monday, October 12, Mumbai suffered a massive power cut across the city and the news soon started trending on social media. The city faced electricity issues because of the failure of a power grid.  Apart from trains, traffic signals in some areas stopped working too.

As soon as the news came out, Twitterati tried to find out of Archer has a tweet for this issue as well? They weren’t disappointed as there was a tweet saying Mumbai deserves the treatment.

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Archer’s tweet, which was sent on May 25, 2014, read, “Mumbai deserve it”. The Twitter users jokingly related it to the current topic, but it was obviously posted in a different context. 

Mumbai deserve it
— Jofra Archer (@JofraArcher) May 25, 2014

The tweet was posted after Mumbai Indians defeated Rajasthan Royals back in 2014 to qualify for the playoffs. 

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