WATCH- “My vada-pav loving feline friend is back,” Sachin Tendulkar shares encounter with a cat

India’s legendary batsman Sachin Tendulkar has been staying indoors to stay safe from the Coronavirus pandemic. The legend with most of the batting records to his name in international cricket has also donated generously for various causes and has participated in campaigns to raise awareness about the virus.

Tendulkar has taken his habit of cooking a bit seriously during the lockdown and subsequent free time he has. He recently shared a post on his Instagram in which he showed his fans around the world, his culinary skills as he prepared the world-famous Maharashtra street snack- vada-pav.

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However, Tendulkar’s seemingly tasty and delicious vada pavs encouraged wildlife to enter his home in hopes of the legend sharing some with it also. Tendulkar captured a cat in his house, looking longingly at the hot and delicious food and shared the photo on his social media.  

The ‘new visitor’ has now paid yet another visit to the master blaster in hopes of getting new delicacies to eat, as Tendulkar shared a video of the said cat showering him with love on Instagram. Sachin Tendulkar can be seen with the cat which is getting all cozy with the master blaster. A lucky cat indeed! Tendulkar speculated that his ‘new friend’ might be missing the Vada Pav from last week.

“My new friend is back! Looks like he’s missing the Vada Pav from the last visit,” Tendulkar captioned the video.


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