WATCH – Marnus Labuschagne takes a strange catch; Twitterati divided over the decision

Marnus Labuschagne’s strange catch for Queensland in the Sheffield Shield match against New South Wales has left Twitterati divided. The catch was given out by the umpire but many believed the decision should have been in the batsman’s favor.

New South Wales’ Baxter Holt went for a big hit off Mitchell Swepson’s bowling and ended up getting a thick edge up in the air towards the cover region.

Labuschagne was running back and he did well to take the catch. But as he kept running with the momentum, the ball fell out of his hand and it looked like he had no control over it. However, the umpire didn’t change the decision and gave the batsman out.

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A ‘peculiar’ ending to the NSW innings, with this deemed to be a legal catch #SheffieldShield
— (@cricketcomau) April 4, 2021

Here is how Twitter reacted to the catch: 

if he’s knocked that out on his backside, not a catch. If he flipped it out behind him, catch
— 51mon 13 (@burnacccttt) April 4, 2021

Aaargh… absolutely ridiculous umpiring…they need to read the rulebook this line in particular “shall end when a fielder obtains complete control over both the ball and his/her own movement.”
— Vishal ???? (@WeShallPai) April 4, 2021

definitely out. held onto it in his stride and quite clearly let go of it when his arm swung back, while he was running. wasn’t like he was juggling it or anything, had it firmly in his grasp and considered the job done. had enough control of it to throw it backwards.
— Nelson Howard (@TheNelsyShow) April 4, 2021

the fielder was not in control of the ball hence t should have been not out
— Amin Rehman (@aminrehman15) April 4, 2021

The catch is complete only when the fielder comes into a reasonably resting position. It’s not a clean catch since Labuschagne was still a bit wobbly. A couple of catches taken by Kumble and Gibbs in the past were examples. Those were given not out.
— Shravan Reddy (@baldinuncle) April 4, 2021

Umpires trolling hershelle gibbs by giving this out
— Sherafgan (@johnbrownreborn) April 4, 2021

Out for me, but love the way he just wakes off and ignored the ball to make sure that everyone knew he had caught it!
— JP (@jps__1981) April 4, 2021


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