Yuzvendra Chahal and Rohit Sharma’s bromance garners reactions from their wives

Indian cricketers Rohit Sharma and Yuzvendra Chahal are known for their friendship which has become a running gag that has given many comedic moments to the fans of either player.

The two cricketers never miss a chance to tease as well as praise each other on social media. The best friends off the field, have kept the social media alight with their camaraderie, and often Rohit Sharma’s wife Ritika is caught in the crossfire and often is seen reacting to their posts and photos.

This time, Ritika was joined by Mrs. Chahal, Dhanashree in reacting to the latest photoshoot showing the bromance between Rohit and Yuzvendra.

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Chahal posted a couple of photos with Rohit titled ‘Senorita’ with Rohit giving Yuzi a flower and then Yuuzi reacting with a smile.

This proved to be a limit for the wives of both cricketers, as Ritika commented with an emoji, and Dhanashree saying, “Didn’t have to ask them to pose, btw thanks for the pic credit.

Here is the post by Yuzvendra Chahal:


Here are the reactions of their wives:

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