Eight Financial Institutions in Nepal Were Added to RTGS

9 Janaury 2021, Kathmandu
Eight more financial institutions have been added to the Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) system from Friday. Nepal Rastra Bank has informed that eight more financial institutions have been added to the RTGS and 27 commercial banks.
The financial institutions, thus added, are as follows:
Jyoti Bikash Bank Limited:
Continuously assessing the needs of the common citizens and economy of the country, on the whole, the Bank has by now established itself as a financial institution catering to a large segment of the society with the cause of the citizens’ needs at the center.
Mahalaxmi Bikas Bank Ltd:
Being the first development bank to achieve the capital obligation, which was raised by Nepal Rastra Bank with the paid-up capital of Rs. 3.07 billion, the bank has become one of the largest development banks of Nepal in terms of balance-sheet size, customer base, and branch network.
Muktinath Vikas Bank Ltd:
The Bank offers inclusive financial services to customer segments covering Corporates, SMEs, Agriculture, Retail Businesses, and Microfinance. It has a special wing for Small and Micro-financing, a model for micro banking activities throughout the development banks in Nepal.
Kamana sewa bikas bank Ltd:
With a shared vision of “Your Partner For Progress, Kamana Sewa Bank Team is committed to providing quality products and services to its valued customers with utmost courtesy and care. We at Kamana Sewa believe that delivery of quality products/services designed/customized to best suit the customer needs through continuous research/development and innovation is the foundation to build up the trust and enhance the level of confidence between the customer and the bank.
Garima Bikas Bank Ltd:
Garima Bikas Bank Ltd. was established by a group of enthusiastic, dedicated, and successful professionals and entrepreneurs from different fields, including business, teaching, engineering, doctors, banking, accounting, management, etc. At Garima Bikas Bank Ltd., we are committed to offer the best of services to customers and to be their first choice. We have an evident vision, i.e., “Access to All.” We focus on equal access for all peoples who are real seekers of banking services.
Shangrila Development Bank Ltd:
Shangri-la Development Bank Limited is a dream project of a few innovative and motivated entrepreneurial minds rather than being just another bank in the crowd of financial institutions. Promoted by respected professionals, bankers, chartered accountants, doctors, engineers, business people, entrepreneurs, social workers, and other renowned personalities of other fields with excellent integrity and social standings.
It is founded after the merger of two local development bank called Bageswari Development Bank based in Nepaljung and the Pokhara-based Shangri-la Development Bank.
Shine Resunga Development Bank Limited:
The Bank believes in addressing the financial services need of the customer governing the principle of mutual respect and benefit. Its mission is to create values for our customers, investors, human resources, and stakeholders for being a “Bank of Choice” in the Nation.
ICFC Finance Ltd:
ICFC seeks to facilitate the increasing credit demands of its customers through innovative and sophisticated financial instruments through art technology and best international practices.
With the advent of WTO and the global economy’s integration, financial markets are ever becoming more and more specialized and complex. This complexity gives rise to different challenges and opportunities. ICFC seeks to identify and exploit these challenges and opportunities to benefit its customers through value-added services.

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